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  Kendra Mulligan BScPT, CGIMS, FCAMPT is the owner of Ascent Physiotherapy and has been since purchasing the clinic with her husband Ron in June 2010.  They moved to the Comox Valley from Grande Prairie, Alberta where they had been actively involved in the community and in the delivery of physiotherapy services.  Kendra was born and raised in the North Peace region of BC and Ron hailed from central Manitoba.

    Kendra graduated from the University of Alberta in 1993 with a Bachelors Degree from the Physical Therapy program.  Her post graduate interests have been predominantly in manual therapy and she has continued to gain post graduate skills and education of Manual and Manipulative therapy.  She gained her FCAMPT certification in November of 2013. She also completed the University of Toronto evidence based practice program in 2014. Kendra is currently an instructor with the Physiotherapy Association of BC orthopedics division. She has also been a practicing physiotherapist of the GunnIMS technique which is a needling technique to address chronic pain of a neuropathic origin. She has  done courses in Myofascial release techniques including Craniosacral therapy and courses for the treatment of TMJ dysfunction.

    In her leisure pursuits, Kendra strives to gain skills in mountain biking and running.   

Tannis Harrison BMRPT, Acupuncture Certified graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1993 with a degree in Physiotherapy.  Tannis has worked in many different provinces due to her spouse’s military career and has had many varied work experiences in private practice, hospital and community settings.   She has been able to benefit from these different opportunities and has found her true passion in private practice orthopedics.

     Tannis’ postgraduate education has included many orthopedic courses and in 2007 Tannis completed her acupuncture qualifications; a skill that she uses extensively in her treatment protocols.  Tannis treats a wide range of age groups and focuses on providing her clients with a home exercise program to complement her manual treatment approach and to encourage independence and optimal recovery in the rehabilitation process.

    Tannis successfully completed her Level 3 upper and lower extremity courses through the physiotherapy association of BC orthopedic division.

     Tannis had previously worked for Ascent Physiotherapy and returned to the clinic in the summer of 2011.  Away from the clinic, Tannis is actively involved in the community and volunteers with her daughters’ activities including ringette and other community clubs.  Tannis enjoys nordic and alpine skiing and practices yoga on a weekly basis.  She is also an accomplished swimmer and cyclist and enjoys all the outdoor opportunities the Valley has to offer.

Jared Hromika MPT, FDN/IMS graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2014 with a Masters of Physical Therapy and moved to the Comox Valley with his wife in the summer of 2015. Before moving to the valley, he worked in Vancouver at several locum positions in private practice orthopaedics in order to gain exposure to different patient populations and approaches to treatment. This experience has helped Jared consider movement problems from different perspectives while providing a framework for his post graduate development.

Jared’s approach to treatment involves movement assessment, manual therapy techniques, and exercise prescription in order to help you move more effectively and with less pain. He also has additional training with Neurokinetic Therapy, which is a method of assessment and treatment for compensation patterns that have developed over the years and often go unnoticed. This helps direct treatment towards the cause of your symptoms and improve your overall quality of movement.

In addition to physiotherapy treatment, Jared is excited to provide Ascent Physiotherapy with bike fitting services.  He was introduced to triathlon in 2006 and has enjoyed working on his bikes ever since. While enrolled in the masters program at UBC, he completed additional training through the BC Division of Sport Physiotherapy Canada for rider assessment and bike fit to optimize a rider’s efficiency and comfort in the saddle.

When he’s not in the clinic or on his bike, Jared enjoys many activities including swimming, trail running, softball and hockey.

Shadi Fleifel MPT, FDN/IMS is an exciting new member of the Ascent Physiotherapy Team.  He graduated with a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology at Western University in London Ontario, before going to Perth, Australia to complete his Master’s degree in Physiotherapy in 2008. 

    Shadi brings with him a wealth of experience and skills to Ascent Physiotherapy.  He has worked with high level sports teams of all kinds throughout his career including the James Bay rugby club and the Canada Rugby 7's team in Victoria BC. 

Shadi is passionate about sports rehabilitation; and with 10 years of clinical experience, excels in treating “everyday” injuries, including neck and back pain, overuse injuries, and acute musculoskeletal injuries. He is experienced with working with clients who have an ICBC or WSBC claim.

    Shadi is dedicated to continuing his education, and has participated in several courses to improve his Physiotherapy skills; including The Brian Mulligan mobilization with movement, Ron Alexander functional facial taping level 2, Orthopaedic division level 2, Lyn Watson advanced shoulder assessment and rehabilitation, and IMS. 

When not in the office you will find Shadi hard at play with his kids at the park or enjoying a morning workout.  His workout interests include swimming, biking and running and has completed the Oliver half Ironman, crossfit, basketball and surfing.

Patient Coordinators

Tona joined the Ascent Physiotherapy in 2004.  She has a diploma in Medical Office Assistant and she works at the clinic part-time.  On Monday's and Tuesday's she will likely be the face and voice to greet you and to assist you with any appointments and billing procedures.  In her time away from the clinic, Tona, along with her daughters and partner, enjoy kayaking, hiking and camping.



Chelsey de la Rey MPT completed her Bachelor of Human Kinetics degree at Trinity Western University in Langley before graduating from the University of British Columbia with her Masters of Physical Therapy in 2019. Chelsey grew up in the Comox Valley and is excited to return to the area to provide clients with individualized care according to their activities and goals. She aims to provide comprehensive assessments and treatment, which includes hands on manual therapy, exercise prescription and education for self-management.

She has completed her Orthopedic Division Level 1, as well as an introduction to the Bobath concept and looks forward to pursuing further education in manual therapy, pain science and active rehabilitation. 

Chelsey has always been heavily involved in sports, as she competed as a varsity athlete and has coached a variety of youth basketball and volleyball teams and camps throughout the province. Additionally, she has enjoyed working with varsity athletes as a student athletic therapist and strength coach. Away from the clinic Chelsey and her Husband can be found on the golf course, out fishing, at the gym or competing in a variety of sports such as curling, basketball and volleyball.