Initial Assessment1                    $115.00

     Subsequent Treatment                $100.00


     Multiple Regions/Complex         $140.00

     Student Treatment2                     15% discount

     MSP Premium Assistance           $50.00

     Personal/Weight Training           $85.00

     (BCRPA certified personal trainer)

     Drop-in Gym3                                $5.00

     Missed Appointment Fee4            $50.00

     Reporting Fee5(miniumum)          $50.00


      Ride Fit6                                        $195.00 


            1Assessment: New intake or new injury that has not previously been assessed; or patient has not attended within the last 6 months

       2Student - post-graduate, elementary and secondary students - subsequent treatment

       3Drop-in Gym access provided for current patients to work on programs without a booked appointment

                        4Missed Appointment - please respect our 24 hour cancellation policy - emergency, sickness or unavoidable circumstances excluded

               5Reporting may be required for 3rd parties - $50.00 minimum fee. Legal/WSBC/ICBC reports excluded and need to be requested by at the lawyer/case manager

                        6Ride Fit - includes a functional screening/movement/neurological scan/joint assessment and bike specific evaluation


Effective January 1/2023